See our Stehwien Art booth at this TCU place event, March 31st and April 1st 2023!

Lots of scissorcut art cards, prints and puzzles available, including the Easter Egg one in the video below. See you there!

Looking forward to spring and Easter! 


 Some amazing egg art - lots of old traditions and design ideas for Easter egg decorations!

Beautiful Fall Prairie

From a long ago trip through the fall prairie

Noticing the same farm machinery on the fields:                       

Driving through the beautiful fall prairies
Visiting the exhibit at the Shurniak Gallery


A different kind of trip: Time travel to 40 years ago and beyond

As part of the project German Culture Alive, Waltraude recently had the pleasure to chat with SaskScapes producer Kevin Power. 

So great to go back in time and take a condensed look at the multi faceted career that really started out in central Germany with puppetry. Full time, intense puppetry: From creating and leading puppets to the challenges and excitement of touring; later to managing the many parts of a professional marionette theatre, and finally, to teaching and putting on productions in a new home, here in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Finally travelling again

At the Watrous Gallery

The 3-year OSAC/SGC Scissorcut tour that was (and is!) sadly interrupted due to lockdown finally had another event. The Watrous Art Gallery was showing the works by Waltraude Stehwien and Jessica Richter on a weekend in June. What a great opportunity to take a first road trip in many months. Reduced opening meant we couldn’t wait for a perfect weather day, but it was certainly worth the trip!

Feeling reasonably safe, we even dared to remove our masks for some photos and a quick rest stop at nearby Manitou Beach with friends. The unique salt water lake was not tempting for any recreational activity due to extreme winds, but a new public sculpture was a delight to discover. A giant silhouette, similar to scissorcut art in some ways, but made of stainless steel. We had the pleasure to meet one of the artist behind this 'in harmony with nature' design, where the clouds, rolling hills and the waves are mirrored.

Discussion with masks

Frozen World


A very fitting scenery for the very frozen landscape around the Saskatchewan River.

Scissorcuts in Colour

A series of German-Canadian Christmas themed puzzles with matching cards is

These colour scissorcuts were a project commissioned back in the 1990s, by the German Canadian Congress in Ottawa. 

The original scissorcuts were initially just printed as cards, but the idea to republish and also make them into puzzles brings out the size and feel of the original artwork more dramatically.

More Roadtrips through the beautiful Prairie!

 On the way to Shaunavon in southern Saskatchewan - gorgeous prairie inside and out. The Grand Coteau Centre offered amazing displays in its natural history museum! Nature also offered the scenic views we've come to love and that inspired both Waltraude and her late husband Fritz to create many, and a wonderful variety of art works. 




This was the fourth trip to meet the hosts and some of the community of art galleries showing the 3 year travelling OSAC Scissorcut exhibit.

Endless sunshine, endless fields, dotted with hay bales and a church. 


Scissor Cutting Fun!

Remnants of scissor cutting fun in the Shaunavon workshops



The roadtrip through the September country side ended up in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, where the OSAC travelling Scissorcut exhibit was held:

As seen by the Grand Coteau Centre's Instagram post, it was mutually exciting to visit and tour the museum. Not only the scissor cut display, but especially the workshops and the historical and prairie flora and fauna collection! Wow!!!

Travels North

What a great way to celebrate the amazing Saskatchewan prairies!

Taking a trip to Shellbrook in the middle of minus 40 degree beauty, to visit the first of many exhibits of the travelling Scherenschnitt exhibit put on by OSAC, the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils.


It was quite apparent what inspired many of the motifs of the black and white landscapes by Waltraude Stehwien.